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My electric bill is way higher than normal, is my solar even working?
In this case we suggest you reach out to schedule an appointment for a check up. There could be many things wrong with a solar system, no or low production should be investigated by a qualified technician.
My micro inverter or optimizer isn't working properly, do you cover that?
In most cases equipment malfunctions or parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty. We could diagnose remotely sometimes, process the return authorization process & replace defective equipment. Customers will be billed for time and labor typically only.
My roof is leaking. Can you remove the modules and replace the roof?
Yes we can remove the modules and mounts for a roof replacement. You can pick from one of our approved local roofing contractors, they can fix or replace you roof and we will reinstall typically one day after. We try our best to ensure little downtime as possible.
Do you work on old or no long produced inverters?
Yes we will work on pretty much anything solar. We once repaired a van with solar in a parking lot. If it is solar related we’d be glad to take a look at it and repair or replace. We are registered & listed with most solar manufactures.