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For maximizing your energy production

Supreme Solar Services LLC is a small family-owned operated business established in 2018. We have been operating in the solar industry for over 12 years now. All technicians are professionally trained and must completed 500+ hours of solar apprenticeship before they are able to install on their own. We are based out of Ocean County new Jersey & service the entire state. We guarantee to provide best in class service as well as advise on the customers best interest not the companies. We put our customers & employees first.


New installation

Supreme Solar Services LLC has the state’s best and most qualified engineers that will design and maintain your system to eliminate as much of your utility cost as your property will allow. We’ll work with you on a flexible schedule that results in minimal disruption to your normal routine.


Commercial Solutions

Let us help lower your operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint, provide regulatory compliance, and ultimately increase asset value. Our industry-leading team of design professionals will provide you with top tier products to meet your company’s needs.


Monitoring Systems

We’ll be here to monitor and manage your system to ensure it keeps working well into the future. Plus, we’ll empower you with tools to check your system’s energy production in real-time, maximizing your profits and return on your investment.


Comprehensive Options

For maximizing your energy production

New installation


Repair services

Monitoring Services

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Vince D Amelio

CEO | Founder

12+ Years
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