Residential installations

Take control of your homes energy needs

New Jersey has a history of higher than national average energy costs. They bill you for generation as well as distribution. Electrical utility companies Atlantic City Electric, JCP&L & PSE&G all charge between $.15 - $ .26 per Kwh of consumption depending on demand and time of year. With solar you can rest assured that a system designed & installed by Supreme will leave you cash flow positive in no time as well as reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

Federal Tax credit has been extended 26% federal solar tax credit is available for home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.

NJ State Trec program is giving homeowners $90 per 1000kwh generated for 15 years.

Adding these government programs in addition to choosing a great installation partner you too can be positive cash flow in no time.

Why Supreme Solar Helps You Better

We guarantee you our systems will outperform the competition. We have already done all of our homework to ensure you get the best production possible. We use premium equipment manufactures, monitoring & an experienced crew that will give you the best service & performance.